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Cleaning Your Digital SLR Camera

As a photographer, whether you play around as a hobby or are working on building your professional resume, you need the right equipment for the job. Most photographers these days have a digital SLR camera - or digital single-lens reflex camera. These cameras can be expensive, so it is crucial that you understand how to clean it to prolong its life and your blossoming career.

When you are able to clean your digital SLR camera effectively, you can do more with it. It is not difficult to clean a digital camera, but it does take time. One of the most sensitive parts of the camera, however, so it does not have to be often cleaned unless there is something wrong. To clean your camera’s sensor, you will need a rocket blower, sensor cleaning swabs, and sensor cleaning solution. If you are not sure that you can clean your camera’s sensor properly, you can employ a camera cleaning service lest you have a hefty bill on your hands.


Your camera lens should also be cleaned regularly with lens cleaning solution and a lint-free cloth. These cloths do not shed any tiny fibers, which can be harmful to your camera if they get on the lens. Often you’ll need to buy one from a specialty store to ensure that your lens is adequately cleaned and your lens isn’t damaged in the process.

Before you clean your lens or sensor, make sure it truly needs it. Set the camera to a small aperture and take a photo of a flat white surface. You can then look at the photograph and look for blemishes and spots. Adjust the levels of the image to alter the contrast and help any darker bits appear dark enough to see. If you need to change your lens, make sure to do so in a dust-free environment to avoid the risk of contaminants.


While your sensor and lens are crucial parts and should be cleaned well, do not forget to clean the outside of your digital camera. Using a soft cloth, clean oils and any debris that collect on the camera. Avoid using pre-moistened wipes as the chemicals unless they are made especially for cameras. As you clean your camera, do not forget that your camera comes with a manual.

Whether you aspire to be a photographer or are quickly building your career, your camera is your most valuable tool. You want to make sure that it is clean and ready for any project to which you bring it.

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